A Hug Makes the Bad Girl Go Away

A Hug Makes The Bad Girl Go Away
by: Janet Cunningham

So many  things
Make her feel  bad
From burning dinner
To her children  feeling sad

She may be a grown up
To all those who see
But to those who are close
A little girl she  be

Her life has been  hard
Abuse did  abound
Emotional, sexual, physical
There was no way around

No one to love her
No one to  care
She just wanted to escape
To anywhere

And now that she is healing
She looks back on  her pain
And her friend gives her a hug
Again and  again

Such a good friend she has
She loves her so much
The bad girl disappears
At the feel of her touch

The bad girl is  not bad
Not then, not  today
She must always  remember
A hug makes the  bad girl go away



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